Profiling • Bending • Laser Cutting • Guillotining • Fabrication

Steel Profiling

We have the capabilities of PROFILING

Material size from 6mm up to 300mm – Tolerance of the cutting is +2 -2

Steel Guillotining

Hi Definition Plasma Cutting

Our ESAB High Definition Plasma Machine cuts from 5mm up to 80mm.

With an 18 Metre cutting bed this machine can easily handle 12 metre plates – Cuts are extremely accurate in which tolerance is +1 -1.
The following materials can be cut

Laser Cutting

Our Laser workshop consists of 3 Trumpf Laser Machines.

Tolerance on the laser machine is +0.1 -0.1, this provides a very clean cut with no grinding required after cutting.

Cuts from 0.5mm – 25mm.

Materials that can be cut are Mild Steel, 300 WA, Hard wearing material, Stainless steel (05 – 20mm).

Special Steel

Our product range includes:

We offer cut-to-size and other customer specific requirements.

Additional Services

Our workshop consists of

In addition to Profiling, Laser cuttting, plasma cutting and our guillotine – Profile Cutting Services recognised the need to offer a complete range of services and solutions to meet any of our customers needs – these include:


Our workshop consists of

PCS is well equipped to profile a variety of materials

Our full in house CAD facilities are available to assist customers with drawings, or to nest items to ensure cost efficiency. Programs we use: